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Hello World

I’ve been meaning to launch this blog for a while now. Near the beginning of this year, my design partner, Mat Nicholson, and I started working on Screech Dragon Studios, which we have hopes will become a career for us of designing board games. I had previously been working on a card game for about a year before Mat and I partnered up, but now we have a handful of games in various states of design. Back then I had the hankering to chronicle our process, but I never made the time. In less than a month, we’re launching our first Kickstarter together and I felt there was no time like the present.

There are a few goals I’m carrying with me while kicking off this blog. First, I want to have a way to focus with goals moving forward with Screech Dragon. I’ve found that writing down my thoughts help center me, giving me focus for projects. Moving forward, I’ll need that focus to help Screech Dragon Studios grow.

Second, I’m hoping to build up a habit of blogging for Screech Dragon. To do that, I have to start somewhere. Having a regular blog will only help our brand. The best way to build an audience is to say something, say it well, and say it regularly. I’ll start saying something regularly and let y’all decide if I’m saying it well.

Third – and this is where the Kickstarter lessons comes in – from all my research, Kickstarter backers truly appreciate transparency in a campaign. If they know where money is going, who the people running it are, they can more easily develop trust for the campaign. In the end, that’s really what crowdfunding boils down to – do you trust the campaign and those behind it. If you do, you’d be willing to throw them some money. The Kickstarter community is so flooded that there’s no reason to waste your time on a campaign you don’t trust.

And, finally, an ongoing goal is to leave you with something actionable. If you can walk away with this blog with at least one thing you can do today, then I feel I’ll have been successful. Today’s actionable item will be for building an audience to say something and say it regularly. Don’t worry about saying it well, that’ll come to you in a while. Just as long as you post regularly and post something meaningful and you’ll begin to develop your own voice. So go hop on Blogspot or WordPress, get a free blog, and just start writing!


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