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Kickstarter: Picture and a Thousand Words

I don’t even need to say the old idiom at this point. You get it.

In Kickstarter campaigns, however, it doesn’t always seem to be apparent that images make everything better. When research Kickstarters, I’m actually startled how many of them are waves of words that I’m skimming to get to the point. It’s not good advertising. Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games really hit home on this with his post, Anatomy of a Great Kickstarter Project Page.

There are a few examples in current campaigns that I felt did a good job of this. One is from my pal, Bryan Klein with his campaign for his boardgame, Manaforge.

Manaforge Components

It does a pretty good job throughout the whole campaign of displaying the components, either in detail or, as shown above, all together. It even uses images to break down where costs will go.

Another current example is the Wolfe, a device used to supercharge computer graphics. As well as having professional images it uses a sleek design that builds off of the white background of the Kickstarter page to display headers and infographics in a really clean way:


The Wolfe’s very clean and easily legible Product Timeline

Another fun thing they utilize are animated gifs to demonstrate the improved graphics that the Wolfe provides. A third campaign that also utilizes gifs well to demonstrate the project is RIZE, an art piece that utilizes magnetic fields and ferrofluid. It’s one of the products that you need to see to believe:

The RIZE in action

Which is where the gifs are useful. While a video is necessary to have a campaign succeed, you can’t always count on potential backers pressing play the moment they step on your project page. I know several people that never watch videos and let the page itself do the talking. If you have a product like the RIZE that requires seeing it in action, you should look into manufacturing gifs for your campaign.

The Screech Dragon kickstarter campaign for Loaded Dice launches next week, so if you get a chance, head on over to our website and sign up for our mailing list! Thanks, as always, for reading.


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